Wednesday, 4 May 2011

MAC Creme D'Nude: Hard Candy

                                      I cant even remember which swatch was which!
                                      I think Fire Alarm is on the top, with a tad more

                                      If you can believe it, Creme D'Nude is on my
                                      top lip, and Fire Alarm is on the bottom.
                                      Exact dupe!
Could you tell the difference?      


  1. Ha, and to think I had both but didn't even think about it. Did your Hard Candy one melt?? I bought 2 & they both went super soft :(

    Thanks for following btw! you're gorgeous :D

  2. aw, really? that sucks! Nope, hasn't happened to me yet, but thanks for the heads up!
    Thanks girll, so are you <3