Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The problem with this generation, is that we grow up too fast

Now, I'm so star writer - Nor do i claim to be. But as I'm sitting here in my Lasenza robe contemplating my life, I feel like theres some things that I'd like to say.. So..here I go.
I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis before I have even turned 20. I sit here often and think that life has got nothing to offer me. I am a  Makeup Artist and that brings me more joy than anything! Doing what you love is a very powerful thing, let me tell you. But its not a career you can live off of unless youre a Celebrity Makeup Artist living in LA or something to that extent. 
   I start to feel my self esteem going down when Im looking everywhere, cant find a job, am not in a successful relationship (yeah, my boyfriend is a lying piece..) And dont have a ton of cash.
BUT what i did realize is that we let things that are "supposed" to happen define us. Such as a job, getting your own house, car, etc. Those are the paths we think we are supposed to take, and when things dont work according to plan, we feel like shit, As if we're failing and then we become uninterested in life and say it sucks.
Unknowingly, society has shaped the way I think and the way I view what has value in life. I just realized, why dont I enjoy what life is offering me rather than be upset over what I think it should be offering me?
I am healthy. I have a hamster, 2 dogs, and a kitten that can make me smile anyday. I have one best friend that I love. I live in a safe area and dont ever have to worry about going hungry. I run a blog that it moderately successful and I spill my heart out and can automatically feel better. I make woman look and feel beautiful by doing their makeup.
That may not sound like a whole bunch to you, but it sure as hell gets me by.