Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Annabelle Spring 2011 Collection...YAY

SO excited about this collection! I went to get some alcohol and ended up detouring to look at makeup..obviously haha. For those who haven't heard of Annabelle, they are a Canadian company that sells only at Shoppers Drug Mart, and is medium priced. The glosses cost me $10 :)
They sort of remind me of MAC, with the whole sassy, sexy, attitude thing.

Loved the glosses, Annabelle usually makes very shimmery lip products and the matte finish is a nice change
From right to left: Missy Miss and Dollywood.

I Wasn't overly impressed with the eyeshadows, they were a bit powdery and the colour payoff could have been better. Annabelle does makes great loose eyeshadows though!

I ended up getting the peach gloss called "Missy Miss". I would have normally opted for pink, but it reminded me a ton of Mac Viva Glam GaGa. So low & behold..I got home and swatched the 2 and they are really similiar! Viva glam is more pigmented though.
 Viva Glam is at the top. Dupe alert?

Mini Update: New Shoes :)

Just got these shoes in the mail!! As if i would ever wear them. They're just for decoration! They're Pleaser's and remind me of a Stripperella version of Ed Hardy, haha.

You can also catch a glimpse of my makeup table, which I will deffinetly take more pics of once I get it organized! Im keeping my blushes and bronzers in that Juicy Couture Perfume box, and Im verrry quickly running out of room
Anyway, I'll sign off for now, I'll be posting my new NARS purchases ASAP :)