Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Annabelle Spring 2011 Collection...YAY

SO excited about this collection! I went to get some alcohol and ended up detouring to look at makeup..obviously haha. For those who haven't heard of Annabelle, they are a Canadian company that sells only at Shoppers Drug Mart, and is medium priced. The glosses cost me $10 :)
They sort of remind me of MAC, with the whole sassy, sexy, attitude thing.

Loved the glosses, Annabelle usually makes very shimmery lip products and the matte finish is a nice change
From right to left: Missy Miss and Dollywood.

I Wasn't overly impressed with the eyeshadows, they were a bit powdery and the colour payoff could have been better. Annabelle does makes great loose eyeshadows though!

I ended up getting the peach gloss called "Missy Miss". I would have normally opted for pink, but it reminded me a ton of Mac Viva Glam GaGa. So low & behold..I got home and swatched the 2 and they are really similiar! Viva glam is more pigmented though.
 Viva Glam is at the top. Dupe alert?

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