Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Youtube/Video Series Update!

Update: Ive made a new Youtube because my old URL was too typical - too many barbies in the world LOl
So my new channel is BellajElyse
Ive also been thinking about doing a new video series since I havent uploaded a new video in a while 
You ready??

A Kim Kardashian  Inspired Makeup Series!
Her looks are so requested, ( Im also a bit obsessed haha) plus, my skills have improved so much over the summer, Im just really excited to start.
So heres some photos of various Kim faces that I plan to try out:

LOL - Good concealer techniqie - I knew that Mario Dedivanovic video tutorial didnt go that in depth!

August 2011 Faves

I haven't been wearing too much makeup this August - but when I do, there has been very select few I notice myself reaching for. Most are MAC - completely unintentional. LOL :)

MAC Naked Lunch. Ive been obsessed with a Summertime light, shimmery eye. Perfection :)

MAC Warm Soul. This gives me a freshly bronzed glow. I would describe it as a shimmery bronze rose.

MAC Chatterbox. I live for this lipstick when I use a foundation on my lip as a base, just to tone down the colour a bit. It stands out - but not in a neon sort of way. I would describe it as a warm pink.

 The 228 mini shader brush by MAC, which has a very undeserved low rating on MUA. This is essential for creating a soft shadow in the crease before graduating to a deeper shade. Love!

The Mac 219 pencil brush is a magic wand! The ends are perfectly taperes for extreme percision. This was my first MAC brush, and I reccoment it to everyone!
 This Spa Resource eye sweep brush is super fluffy and quite dense. I normally applied one color to my lids this summer - Naked Lunch, and used this to apply it. Packs on the color no problem. I couldn't live without this brush! (Okay, I'm being a bit over dramatic, but seriously - everyone should give this brush a try)
I got it for about 3 bucks at Wal-Mart! Score.
Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm. Once I got my hands on this I have never looked back! Never searched for another highlight, period. It is a soft shimmering champagne with a hint of gold and its loaded with pigment. I usually apply it with my fingers because i think application with a brush would be over the top..thats how little you need. I throw on some foundation and sweep this on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, and voila! Good to go.
PS-This compact contains double the amount you get in a usual blush by MAC ;)
What are your Summer faves??