Saturday, 28 May 2011

Revlon Smoked Peach Lipstick

So as soon as I saw the name Smoked Peach I kindof/sort of fell in love. Peach shades are just my thing, and I find that they compliment my skin tone better than any pink ever could.♥ 

It's definitely an orang-y peach, not a true peach shade. It is a matte lipstick with some slight luminosity to it.
I've seen lots of less-than-stellar reviews on Makeup Alley, mostly complaining about the orange tone and many find it to be drying. This lippie does not deserve all of the negative reviews. I did not find it drying at all, probably because I exfoliate or moisturize my lips every day. Lip moisturizing is just as important as moisturizing your skin.
PLUS, Matte lipsticks tend to be drying, period. I find this alot in MAC's matte lippies. Anyway, ready for some pics?

            Confession: I bought an unused tester because it was brand new and all sold out. 

 Here is is with Guerlain's Kiss Kiss gloss in Mango Fizz overtop. Yummy! You like??