Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hard Candy: Sheer Envy Review

 I am currently uploading a video review on YouTube if you'd rather check that out :)
I bought this primer from Wal-Mart about a month and a half ago for 8 dollars. What a deal, right? I'd never tried Hard candy but the packaging looked cute so I went ahead and bought it, and was pleasantly surprised!
I loved it and it was the only primer I wore. It was so light-weight. It made my face so soft, and there were no flakey patches on the sides of my nose anymore! My face looked flawless and really eased foundation blending.
I also LOVED that it created a perfect barrier between my oily skin and my makeup. I would rarely get oily when I wore Sheer Envy.

But recently, our love affair ended :(
 I was applying it as per usual, and as I squeezed it out of the tube, all that came out was liquid with some small clumps. Looked just like diarrhea!! The contents of the tube had separated! Instead of the creamy consistency, I either get white liquid or large white clumps.

I used it none the less, only to find it no longer worked, and I still have over had the tube left!
Didn't help my foundation blend, and I became oily after  a few hours. I tried shaking it, opening up the cap, everything just to try and make it work again. No luck.
(It does still make my face velvety soft, though.)
I will not repurchase and would not recommend it to anyone! I saw some comments on Makeup Alley warning about the separation, but didn't listen.Now I'm telling all of you to save your money, and skip this one.
It's fab at first, but just turns to crap after. I'm so disappointed because the price point and way it worked was great.

R.I.P Hard Candy Sheey Envy! It was fun while it lasted.

 Overall Rating: 3/10